Loveshoot – Andrei & Jihui

Hi Andrei & Jihio,

I had, again, such a great time with you! Also the editwork made me so happy, the two of you are the cutest 🙂

I made a large selection of images I love, that leaves the (quite hard) job for you to choose your final 25 favorites!You also can choose more, for 4euro per extra image.

How it works:

First step is login, so you are ready to go. Each pictures shows a heart icon when you hover your cursor over it. By clicking on the heart icon, you ad the photo to your selection. Are you all ready with your final choices? Hit –> Bestel—> Bestel onze gekozen foto’s.

The images you choose get a final touch if needed. For excample remove heavy spots or blemishes or give it some extra lights/shadows/colorcorrections. I will send you the final images with wetransfer, sorted in two folders; one for internet use, like instagram or facebook, and one forlder with the images for printing.

Extra note: I edited some images also in black-and-white. You can choose them directly but they are also an example of how other images of the same serie will look in B&W. So, if you would love to have an images, now shown in color, in B&W also, let me know!

Good luck! I’m excited to see your choices!